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Create Samsung Recovery Partition

Samsung Recovery Solution

Here Im gonna show you how to create Samsung Recovery Partition with simple steps.
In Samsung laptops this partition is created already when you buy the laptop. But sometimes people delete this unknowingly, while partitioning hard disk. So if you have deleted then you can recreate the OEM partition yourself very easily.

  • Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool 4/5 (Download or Create from Samsung Laptop... Process is given below)
  • Windows 7/8 Installation Disc.
Note: Data from your Hard Disk will be deleted. So Create a back up of your important files.

Creating Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool 5:
You need another Samsung Laptop which have already installed Samsung Recovery Solution 5(or 4) on it.
1. Now start the laptop and press F4 to go to Samsung Recovery Mode.
Samsung Recovery Solution 5

2. When Samsung Recovery Solution start click ctrl+alt+F10.
Samsung Recovery Solution Start Screen

3. Now Samsung Recovery Solution ask you for password. Type secclx or secos as password.
Samsung Recovery Solution Password

4. Insert your USB pen drive. Now go to Tools.
Samsung Recovery Solution 5 Tool

5. Now click on Admin Tool USB. And Click Yes. Within a few moment 'Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool' bootable Pen Drive will be created.
Samsung Recovery Solution 5 Admin Tool

You can download it as an iso image. And make a bootable USB with this image.

Creating Samsung Recovery Partition:

1.  Make USB-HDD your first boot device.
2.  Insert the Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool USB pendrive in laptop.
3.  Boot from USB.
4.  Now Samsung Recovery Solution will start.

5.  Click on Execute on Step 1(Disk Partition)
Samsung Recovery Solution Execute

6.  Click on Initialize The Hard Disk Drive.
Samsung Recovery Solution Initialize Hard Disk drive

7.  You'll be asked for a confirmation. Click Yes.
Samsung Recovery Solution Partition

8.  Now define the Size Of Recovery Area as 20 GB. And click Next.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

9.  Now click OK. And continue partitioning.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

10.  Wait for some min.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

11.  Partitioning Complete. Continue Recovery Area Installation... Click Ok.

Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area Installation

12.  Now a new Window again ask for Continue Installation. Click Ok.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

13.  Wait for some moment. Recovery Environment will be installed.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

14.  Now you will be asked if you want to fix the MBR. Click Ok..
Samsung Recovery Solution MBR Fix

15.  After MBR fix successfully completed Click Ok.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area MBR

16.  Now you'll be asked to add initial status image to recovery area from USB or DVD. Click Cancel(If you have backed up any system image created with Samsung Recovery Solution in Pen Drive or DVD then insert it and click OK. This image will be restored later by pressing F4 while booting)
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

17.  Recovery Area in now set. Now click Ok to continue Windows 7/8 installation.
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

18.  Insert Windows Installation Disc and Click Ok. (There is no need to change windows boot priority. System will boot automatically boot from DVD. If doesn't boot from DVD only then change boot device priority. And one more thing... You don't need to eject the bootable Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool USB)
Samsung Recovery Solution Recovery Area

19.  Now format and install windows on your laptop. You can create partition while Windows Installation. Or do it from Computer Management after Installation complete. JUST DON'T DELETE THE OEM PARTITION, which you've just created.
20.  When your computer will start for first time after completion of Windows installation run Admin Tool application from pen drive. To do this open your pen drive(Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool bootable pen drive, which you've created). Open 'Winclon' folder. Click on Admin Tool application and run.
Samsung Recovery Solution 5 Admin Tool
Samsung Recovery Solution 5 Admin Tool

21.  When the application run click on 'Execute' in Step 1. And Install Samsung Recovery Solution Application.
Samsung Recovery Solution Application Install

22.  Restart your computer.
23.  All done. Now you can back up your system. Which can be restored just by pressing F4 while booting. So install whatever you want and back up. But remember Samsung Recovery Partition is only 20 GB. So you can't back up more than 20 GB in the OEM partition.
24.  To back up- again run Admin Tool Application from pen drive(as I mentioned in Step 20). Click on 'Execute' in Step 3. Your computer will be rebooted. And back up will start automatically.
Samsung Recovery Solution Application Install

25.  After completion just restart. Now you can restore your system by pressing F4 while booting.


Sazzlepopz said...

Thanks, I will be using this guide as soon as I find someone with a samsung laptop.

Rithy Ny said...

Thank, but I don't know how can I find another Samsung laptop. However, do i need to find the laptop with only the same model?

Anonymous said...

@Rithy Ny you can try this website out here for another Samsung laptop

Lawrence Briones said...

Will this work on a Windows 8 shipped laptops using GPT partition (UEFI)?

I'm curious about "Finalize Recovery Setting", is it required before we can use the recovery partition.

I've tried restoring my Windows 8 back to the computer but no luck. I was able to restore my partition and image back and also made the F4 working again but when I tried restoring using the factory image is not getting detected. What's interesting is that under Windows Environment, the factory image is detected but when the restoration process boots to Samsung Recovery Environment is not detecting the factory image anymore.

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smart munda said...

when i press f4 then my lappy going to restart and then again issue what i do ?

Est Peix said...

I had to get a new harddrive for my samsung r580 laptop. I have no wifi driver, no other samsung laptops and I want to install samsung recovery on the new hard drive. Please help me.

Jodon Karlik said...

I figured out how to recover when F4 doesn't work. I outlined the issue in this post:

Brandon Hudson said...

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Smit Thakkar said...

I believe that this steps are helpful to everybody who lost their samsung recovery partition by mistake like me.
actually i try to find the samsung laptop in which samsung recovery solution is already installed through my friend & family circle. But I did not find anybody who is using samsung laptop.
So it would be helpful for me if you can provide the samsung recovery partition bootable setup by uploading it here.

Brandon Hudson said...

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Agnes Lloyd said...

vey very helpful.
I followed to the letter and got a new drive installed instead of my failing one.

varun said...

Thanks for the information.. I have one question, why only 20 Gb space allocated to recovery solution and not less or more than this??

I have another samsung laptop and will follow the steps, but want an explanation of this point
Waiting for reply.

varun said...

Also, how to load drivers in the recovery solution? so that in the future, if required I can install the drivers n system softwares through recovery solution and not individually..

Jerry Gene said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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Brandon Hudson said...

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Ayush Jaiswal said...

Thanks Very much friend..
It really worked for me.
What a Job!!

Unknown said...

Right now I have my Samsung recovery partition on my hard disk, but I divided my Windows partition in two and now my "Recovery Solution" not detected my hidden partition. How I can fix this?

Tuna Mut said...

In the patition step it says insufficient space to create partition .But the harddisc is totaly empty.Could someone help me pls

Antraeus said...

Anyone know how to create Samsung Recovery Solution II on a USB drive to install on another Samsung?

Guzzi sager said...

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Arafath said...

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for win 8 preinstalled system download recovery form here
then extract the image files to your usb device

Zeshan Bilal said...

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Steve M said...

I downloaded and tried to save the iso file for Samsung Recovery Solution Admin Tool listed above at, but it did not work at all. Does anyone have a iso file that they know worked for them.


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Anonymous said...

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But there is the question: is there any possibility to download "software", as it was in when buying a laptop? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

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sumit said...
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sumit said...

can i replace new backup with old backup in initial backup area ????
Pls tell me.....thanx

Frankie De Stefani said...

I was stolen of my Samsung laptop (I don't remember the model) with Windows 7 some days ago. Fortuntely I had created some weeks ago a Samsung Recovery Partition in an external HDD. Now I want to restore all data in another computer (not a Samsung one). nybody can assist me? Thank a lot. Francesco

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Andy Cook said...

what a fantastic tutorial!! Thank you very much.

Had my hard drive fail on my samsung laptop so had to start from scratch after installing a new one which meant no recovery partition. Followed this step by step and now thankfully i have it back along with the samsung recovery solution software.

! question tho, on my original hard drive when in the recovery software there was an option to install system software such as drivers etc but on the new hard drive that option isnt there. Is it possible to add this at all?

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